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Aspendos Theatre Events

HISTORY The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius had this theatre built between the dates of 161 – 180 AD and after completing the construction, it was presented to “the gods of the city and the imperial authority” by the brothers Curtius Chrispinus and Curtius Auspicatus. Aspendos theatre which is located in Antalya is one of the most ancient and well-protected sample of the Roman theatres in Anatolia and the capacity for the theatre was 15.000 people. EVENTS While celebrating the 19th anniversary of Aspendos Theatre, International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival makes significant contributions to Turkey’s international promotion by bringing together the unique historical properties and the extraordinary acoustic of 2000 years old Aspendos Antique Theatre with Antalya’s natural beauties and the peaceful nature of art that reaches beyond the boundaries of language, religion and race. International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival, being the only opera and ballet festival of Turkey, has been the most important organisation of the Directorate General of State Opera and Ballet since 1994, gained an international recognition in 1998, and is nominated among the world’s most famous festivals. The audience, among whom % 70 are foreign tourists, see the performances of our festival every year. With its increasing spectators every year, International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival has become a visual carnival where history, music and a large number of people from several nations come together. In 2004, International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival was ranked the 5th among 10 best opera festivals selected from among the renown opera festivals organized all over the world. Furthermore, International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival was given place within the first 10 among the Best Festivals of 2005 by the Festspiele Magazine, published in Germany, investigating all the festivals over the world which brought the great reputation back to Aspendos.