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Antalya Museums

Antalya Museum was first established in I922. After the Alaaddin Mosque, the Yivli Minare in old town was used as the Museum and the museum building was carried to its present location in 1972. Today it covers an area of 30 000 square meters with 13 exhibition galleries: The Child section which is the first and only one in Turkey, Galleries of the Prehistory, Potteries, finds from the region excavations done by the museum and Universities, Gods statues, Mosaics, Icons, statues of Perge Theatre, Sarcophagi, Coins and Jewellery , Ethnographical Collections. The museum also has a garden and open-air galleries. Objects have been collected from the region by the experts of the museum. Also known as the "Excavations Hall" where the sensational Phrygian (7' cent .B.G.) finds are displayed. Approximately twelve thousand year old archaeological pieces, all belonging to the region, are displayed mostly in chronological order. In some places the finds are exhibited according to subjects matter. The museum of Antalya is one of the best museums in Turkey and it was awarded the best Museum of Europe in 1988.

Perge is an ancient city located 17 kilometers away from Antalya city center. Historians claim that city was founded after the Trojan War but the Hittite Cuneiforms which were found in 1986 prove that city was founded before the Trojan War. Some other findings such as stone tools and potteries show us that the first settlements go back to Early Bronze Age (B.C 3.000 – B.C 2.000). Perge Ancient City had three important periods. The first period is the Hellenistic Period (BC 3rd – 2nd Century). We still have some remaining from this period such as the city walls and some towers still standing). The second period is Roman Empire period (AD 2nd -3rd Century). We have a lot of buildings still standing from the Roman Empire period such as the Roman Baths, Theatre, Stadium and some monumental Fountains. The Third period is the Christianity period (AD 5th – 6th Century). Some beautiful churches were built in this period and they are still standing. City is important for Christianity because Saint Paul departed from Cyprus and reached to Perge with his companions. The city is definitely worth a visit.

Aspendos is also an ancient city but the most amazing part of the city is its theatre so that most people just visit the theatre and leave the city. Aspendos is probably the best and most well-preserved Ancient Roman Theatre in Turkey and definitely one of the best in the world. It was constructed between (AD 161 – 180) during the reign of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. 15.000 people could be seated in this theatre and it is still hosting people for some concerts and international events. Aspendos Ancient city was also famous for its horses in its time as well as Cappadocia and when Alexander the Great arrived to take over, Aspendos Citizens gave the city without fighting. After Alexander the Great left, they announced their independence again and fought with his small troop behind. Alexander heard about this situation and sent a big army and put high taxes on the city. One of the taxes was to give 2000 horses every year to the army of Alexander the Great. You must definitely see this theatre, if you go to Antalya.