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Black Sea Cuisine

Black Sea Region is the greenest part of Turkey. You can find many thick forests and different colors of the nature in Black Sea so that it rains a lot in Black Sea region. Tea, hazelnut, cherry and rice are the main crops grown in this region. Black Sea Region is crazy about fish and especially anchovy.


Hamsi Tava (Anchovy fried in flat pan)
Fried anchovy in flat pan

Rice with Anchovy
After boiling the rice with dried currants, some black pepper and parsley is added, then rice is put into the anchovy and baked in the oven.

Soup with Fish
Soup is made with anchovy or some other kind of fish mixed with potato and carrot. Lemon is squeezed in most of the Turkish soups.
***Anchovy can also be steamed.

Egg, milk and flour is mixed and then black pepper, red pepper is added to the mixture. Butter is heated is the pan and afterwards the mixture is fried with the butter as pancake.

After melting the butter, corn flour is added and roasted. Then slowly cold water is added and finally a mixture of different type of local cheese added and it is ready once the cheese melts.

Black Cabbage Soup
The soup is made with the leaves of black cabbage, corn, red mullet, corn flour, red pepper and salt.