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Southeastern Cuisine

Especially after the Ataturk dam was built on the Euphrates River, agriculture developed in the Southeast of Turkey. The water from the dam is carried all the way to the fields and because of this farmers can grow more easily with no water shortage problem. Corn, olives, wheat and pistachios are the main crops grown here. Because of many pistachio tree, the region which is famous for its baklava is Southeast. Similar to Eastern Turkey, they also have a lot of kebabs and meat in their meals in the Southeast of Turkey.

Eggplant Kebab
Eggplant is cut into big pieces and placed on the tray with some ground beef in between each eggplant. Then, tomato, green pepper and onion is placed in the center and baked in the oven.

Ali Nazik
Eggplant with yoghurt and garlic is first placed in the copper plate and then grilled meat or ground beef is placed at the top. - Kebab with Pistachio After grilling the kebab, pistachio is placed at the top.

Onion Kebab
Onions, tomatoes and green pepper are all grilled and served in copper plate.

Flat bread baked in the oven with ground beef, onion, red pepper and tomatoes.

Liver is cut into small pieces and grilled on the charcoal and served with grilled onion, red pepper, mint, salad and soft thin bread. It is eaten by rolling into that bread.

About 40 layers of flat dough is placed on and on in a round tray with pistachios between each layer. After baking in the oven, sugar syrup is poured at the top.

Maras Ice Cream
This unique ice cream is made with goat milk and it is very strong so that it is served with fork and knife on the plate. It can also be eaten on the cone.