Wedding Organization

Here at Cappadocia, we are determined to make your wedding day a real day to remember. So we have restored a lovely old cave house in the picturesque old part of Goreme village as a special place where the bride and groom can stay with their family or friends. All the rooms in the house are full of character and offer wonderful views out over the rock plateau of nearby Aktepe. To make your wedding really special we can arrange for the celebrations to spread over three days in traditional Turkish style. The night before your wedding we will take the bride and her female friends and relatives to nearby Ibrahimpasa, a village which has been little altered by tourism, where they can take part in a traditional Henna Night.

At a Henna Night women sing and dance together to celebrate the bride’s impending nuptials. Then those women who want to have their hands hennaed as long-term reminder of the party. While the women are dancing we will take the groom and his friends to a local barber for a truly memorable shave. Then we will take them to a local hamam where they will be thoroughly scrubbed and massaged ready for their wedding.


First of all you must obtain a document from the proper authorities in your own country attesting to your fitness for marriage. This can be a marriage license or a statement that you can get from your embassy in Turkey as well but still The Turkish government requires authentication of that paper. That can be done by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara or by The Governor in Istanbul.

There are also some other necessary documents. You need to get marriage petition from a marriage office and fill it in and than get it confirmed by an elderman. Both the groom and bride will need to do a blood test and get health report. Your IDs or passports and 5 pictures for each is needed as well.


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